About Us

Vintage Treasure was born from two passionate sisters who dreamed to eradicate poverty.

With one of the sisters background work in non-profit organization which specializes in caring for abandon children is several slums area in Bali. 

When they first started, garment workers were layoffs due to the declining garment industry situation. They met some of the workers who struggle to meet everyday needs and their family members. 
They saw the need and took the opportunity to help and create something useful. 

With the vision in their head and a passion in their heart they work with local tailors and empower young moms from slums area in Bali and teach them workmanship to deliver all the handmade crafts in their products to bring the best piece to your door. 


The name itself coming from their love of vintage items, the items they have in their closet for years yet still durable and classic. Hence the design is vintage inspired, all things hippie and bohemian. Treasure refers to how everyone is precious and worthy, it is important for anyone who wears the items made to feel confident and comfortable because they know how much they are worth. 

Vintage Treasure is a social enterprise who focuses in sustainable fashion, locally source their material and workers. The brand exists to support under privilege community in Bali. 

When you buy an item from Vintage Treasure you are actually giving underprivileged family a better chance in the future and help these workers to reach their full potential.

With the current lifestyle that continuously encourages us to care for ourselves and do whatever makes us happy, it is so easy to be dragged into selfishness that leads to an empty life. 

We are here not to promote our brand or ourselves but to swim against the stream to become “the generous generation“. Because the way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving and helping others.

So by buying and wearing our product and post it on your social media you already take part spreading the awareness, helping the less fortunate community and be part of a generous generation who put others needs before our own. 

If you wish to support these locals, we are one step closer to reduce inequality, poverty, and to promote equity.

. . .

If you are influencer, you can set the example simply by wearing our product and post it on your social media. By doing this you already take part in raising the awareness, helping the less fortunate community and be part of a generous generation.

Contact us for any inquiries, collaboration, or support in any kind.




Vintage Treasure Team