The Journey

Vintage Treasure X Love Thread

The Ever Lovely Angeline!

We had an opulent opportunity to collaborate with the loveliest blogger we know and

over the course of time we came to know Angeline as a dear friend.

Personally I’m a strong believer of chemistry, I believe everything in life needs chemistry and

relationship is one of the definite examples.

We also share the same belief and vision, that’s where the bond started.


She patiently listens to us and gives us numbers of ideas and

if I remember it correctly this collaboration is one of hers.

We’ve been planning this for a few months and she actively ask us what else we need and

by the time we meet for the collaboration she came prepared.

She takes direction well, never complain (no surprise), focus, and she’s easy on eyes (:



The girl is all smiles since the first time we met and even then her sincerity is hard to miss

This is apparent if you see her blog or her instagram feed @lovethread.

Her page is colorful, genuine, and

blossoms just like her.


It’s funny how she started her blog because of her school assignment but along with

increasing reader and followers she realize this is another thing she can use to inspire people’s life.

So she continues writing her blog and making fabulous photos.

If you come to know her a bit closer you notice that she’s

a strong will woman with a great sense of responsibility.

She’s disciplined in writing and taking pictures for her blog while juggling between her work,

her role as a wife and her charity project.

What we love about Angeline is despite of her hectic schedule

she always makes time to help people in need.

And we admire her passion in giving to people.

She has this place called Love Thread Project which focused on helping children,

youth and women to allocate her giving and charity.

Every year she choose one foundation where she dedicate all her charity work

and combines it with her blogging activities

including all the collaboration she made with some clothing lines, media, and other organization.

You know that as a blogger you have the privilege of getting freebie every now and then,

unlike most of us she doesn't get lost in all those gifts and compliments.

What she does is she put those items in auction or as a giveaway after she promote the stuff.

The money from auction or the stuff she gets she gives it back to the organization she chose for the year.

I don't suppose one can think of such creative thing if they're so full of themselves.

She understands the reason she’s been blessed is none other than to bless others.


It’s hard to talk about Angeline without bringing her

gentle loving and equally stylish husband Mark into the picture.

While Angie works in fashion and media, Mark works in a government

providing homeless children shelter and he’s also

a great rising hip hop artist who just released his album recently.


They are one of those rare people who has the biggest heart we know.

They are such a lovely couple who complement and support each other closely.

They showcase their love toward God by giving love, kindness, and time to everyone they meet.

They are favor with the same vision and life mission.

Together they diligently and determinedly making it come to pass;

they understand dreams don’t work unless you do.


Despite their young age they manage to spread so much kindness and inspiration.

And with their rising popularity they carefully living their life and they keep each other grounded.

We are beyond blessed to know such kind loving people as you two who continue to inspire us

from the first time we met until today.

Bear in mind that you are always in our prayers and we know that

you will touch many many hearts in your life journey…


Find more about Angeline here:

And her charity project IG:  @lovethreadproject

And Mark and his music:


Photos credit: @hastosa, @lovethread, @marksmanlloyd


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