The Journey

VT x Manikan

We know Galih through a friend and he happens to have a bag label called Manikan.

We were preparing for a photoshoot that time and we needed accessories to add to our look and so we

ask him to collaborate with us. We were all set up with a team of photographer, fabulous model/blogger,

talented makeup artist then the inevitable happen, we had a short notice from our photographer that

he cannot make it.

So we ask around for a photographer, we also ask Galih and to our surprise

he said that he’s also a photographer and he’s willing to step in. How generous !

This moment confirms our belief that God helps is never too fast and never too late (:


A glimpse about Galih, he is a hard working young man who always sees opportunities in every situation.

He studied psychology, he loves photography and you can tell how passionate he is about it.

And he has this inspiring story on how he started his own business, he started when he was 19 because

his father manufacture endek (traditional Balinese fabric) and his father always showcase his product

in exhibition where Galih see a lot of people just walk pass by their booth appear uninterested.

After a while he began to think why people see endek as something old and valueless

and that’s when inspiration strikes him.


Together with his friend they brainstorm some ideas what should they make.

They decide they don’t want to make clothes because they both man and a bit clueless in a woman’s world hahaha…
And then they think of making a laptop bag cause its design is pretty simple and after a lot of discussion

they finally settle on making bags for man and woman by using endek as part of their design.

And that my friend is how Manikan born in a fashion world (:

What we admire from Galih is his strong spirit and his “I don’t care” attitude,

he’s not afraid of rejection (they experience plenty of rejection before becoming who they are today),

instead he keeps on pressing forward ignoring what people might think of him.

He worked hard to get to the place where he is today.



He loves meeting new people and take joy in knowing ones character (hence psychology major).

On the other hand he's a straight forward person who's not afraid to try new things.

Deep down inside I think he realize that it’s not always about the result but

it’s about who you’re becoming after the long journey you had.


He maybe young but he has a lot to offer.

He knows what he wants and he works hard for it.

Now that you've seen some of his work, you should see him behind the scene you can see how

he's into detail when it comes to his passion and he puts our product first instead of his product.

Galih was assisted by Wanda his equally talented videographer who study meds

where eventually he will graduate to be a nurse (who would’ve thought!).
Wanda is quieter than the chirpy Galih but if you notice, quiet people are often

the most caring people in the room and that’s Wanda exactly plus he makes stunning videos!


We are so delighted to be able to know such wonderful people like Galih and Wanda and

to be able to see them from a different side of perspective.

We are looking forward to see you both grow as inspiring business people while evolving

in your creativity and making more impressive works.


Get to know more about Manikan here