The Journey

Wildflower x Brenda Waworga

We met Brenda accidentally through online, she bought some of our clothes.

We didn’t know who she was but a few weeks later someone tag a photo in our instagram and as soon as we get that we had some new followers. Apparently she’s a famous photographer who has tons of followers.

So we started following her works and can’t help but admiring every shoot she took.

She’s Indonesian who lives in Manado and I can’t even began to say how proud we are

to see that nothing about her work is ever ordinary and the most remarkable part is that she can

work with the local models and make her photos look like international scale of work.

Her attention to detail and her total dedication to what she’s passionate about I guess

that’s what make her so irresistible.

Then one day we reach to her and ask her for collaboration, that’s when we get

to know her more on a personal level.


We met a lot of nice people but Brenda isn’t one of them, she surpassed nice.

She is so helpful, full of initiative, and always cheerful in every situation.

With her level of work you would have expect someone cocky, she’s anything but.

She works with so many international brands too many to mention and also

local brands whether it’s big or small brand.

We consider ourselves lucky to get the opportunity to work with her; she’s the best in the field!


Now that the result of our collaboration is done, we are beyond happy because not only

excellent we also get a chance to know the person who’s behind all this great works.

And this is the part we cherish the most!


Brenda gets her aid from her fantastic team of assistant, make-up artist,

and model and of course her lovely husband.

If you see our wildflower lookbook (navy color), you need to know they drive for hours

to get such a dreamy location to match our collection and they did everything in a day!



And did I tell you that she’s also generous? She keeps on promoting us in her social media

(not the one we collaborate with, but our other collection) without we even ask.
Some people don’t have the capacity to think and do more for others.

With Brenda it's different, I guess it's because she clothes herself with humility.


With all this we learn more on how to be initiative and always ready to help others sincerely

without thinking “what’s in it for me?” and do every work cheerfully.

Thank you Brenda, Queen Dee, Irpos, and everyone whom we cannot mention here and

also Brenda’s supportive husband.

We hope that you will continue to inspire others, may people see your kindness and

may you continue impress people with your outstanding talent…

We look forward to see you rise and for our next collaboration of course!


Find more about Brenda Waworga at | |


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